Big Data Analytics for Financial Services – Professional Classes

As data sizes and complexities continue to grow astronomically, the Financial Services industry is making concentrated efforts to move towards cloud computing and big data processing for analytics. As a consequence, Hadoop based applications delivered over the cloud (public, private or hybrid) are gaining roots.

Keeping pace with the needs of the financial industry, Third Eye is pleased to announce the launch of professional classes on Big Data Analytics with a focus on Dodd-Frank regulations.

The Dodd-Frank Act signifies the biggest US regulatory change in several decades. According to experts, Dodd-Frank will have a substantial influence over an estimated 8,500 investment managers, all the 10–12 US exchanges and alternative execution networks.

This class will discuss the principal functionality for any investment managers to consider while building a business system to meet these requirements. The class in discuss Big data analytics with hands-on focus on Hadoop, Hbase, Hive and BI

Join the class and find out for yourself!

First Batch on Nov 5th 2011
Second Batch on Nov 18h 2011

Top Reasons for Attending the “BigDataCloud – Today!” Event

1. What Can Big Data Cloud Do For You?

Whether you’re just coming into the area, or are already a seasoned professional with big data cloud solutions, “BigDataCloud – Today!” is the place to gain unique insight into how big data problems can be solved today, from both a technical and a business perspective. This will give you a competitive edge to accelerate bringing solutions to market and gain substantial in-depth expertise.

2. Meet with Big Data Cloud Experts

With over 250 individuals in attendance, all of them focused on creating and leveraging Big Data Cloud solution, the “BigDataCloud – Today!” event will be THE place to meet people and companies who share your interest in solving real-world business.

3. Don’t be Scared
Expand your knowledge base by jumping into technical deep dives with the most advanced big data cloud experts.

4. Discuss your ideas 1 to 1 with the Gurus
In-depth training classes are available in the early part of the event. Subjects covered range from MapReduce, Hadoop, Pig, Hive and others. The trainers are Gurus on their subjects and can provide real-life, in-depth information.

5. Expand your Professional Network:
This focused gathering of Big Data Cloud users, developers, industry experts, business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovative companies in leveraging “BigDataCloud – Today!” provides a unique opportunity to expand your professional network. The event is special structured to allow you plenty of opportunity to meet like minded individuals in a casual setting over snacks and wine.

6. Know the Future:

“BigDataCloud – Today!” is focused on real world solutions, and our industry experts on the panels will look into their crystal balls and forecast where the next big opportunities will lie in the future.

Clouds, big data, and smart assets: Ten tech-enabled business trends to watch

Advancing technologies and their swift adoption are upending traditional business models. Senior executives need to think strategically about how to prepare their organizations for the challenging new environment.

Two-and-a-half years ago, we described eight technology-enabled business trends that were profoundly reshaping strategy across a wide swath of industries.1 We showed how the combined effects of emerging Internet technologies, increased computing power, and fast, pervasive digital communications were spawning new ways to manage talent and assets as well as new thinking about organizational structures.
Since then, the technology landscape has continued to evolve rapidly. Facebook, in just over two short years, has quintupled in size to a network that touches more than 500 million users. More than 4 billion people around the world now use cell phones, and for 450 million of those people the Web is a fully mobile experience. The ways information technologies are deployed are changing too, as new developments such as virtualization and cloud computing reallocate technology costs and usage patterns while creating new ways for individuals to consume goods and services and for entrepreneurs and enterprises to dream up viable business models. The dizzying pace of change has affected our original eight trends, which have continued to spread (though often at a more rapid pace than we anticipated), morph in unexpected ways, and grow in number to an even ten.

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Cloud Computing: Ticket to the Corner Office?

Do IT managers and professionals view cloud computing as a threat or opportunity to their careers? Understandably, early on, there was fear that IT jobs within enterprises — already under threat from outsourcing — would be in more jeopardy as companies adopted pay-by-the-mile, on-demand solutions from outside providers, versus investing in their onsite IT resources.

Certainly, many cloud implementations began as workarounds to the restraints imposed by IT departments, as well as corporate finance overseers. It seems faster and cheaper (at least initially) to tap into modules than wait for months for IT to design, create and test systems — assuming the budget was approved for the project.

But rather than replace IT jobs, cloud may be having another effect. In many cases, it is elevating the role of IT-savvy managers within many enterprises. Let’s face it, many line-of-business people are not qualified for — or really interested in — sifting through and evaluating all the cloud options out there, at least for technical merits. They just want to get things done, and are turning to IT executives to assist in the process. IT is no longer just a department full of people who code, build and maintain systems. IT is the business partner that plans and strategizes what types of technology solutions the business needs to move forward.

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